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More intricate compared to a typical Jason Statham actioner, Killer Elite successfully keeps a surprising level of intrigue and intensity, not via an overly clever storyline, however with an air of unpredictability within its characters. It’s obvious that there is little change turn out the way seems, however with a cast composed of a lot of vicious killers, monitoring which ones will be the real heroes becomes an entertaining quest. While the plot bogs itself down every so often with an abundance of twists and a location change every 5 minutes, the seasoned actors will hold your interest – a minimum of before the next adrenaline-filled action sequence will take over. my response Just as New York couple George (Paul Rudd) and Linda (Jennifer Aniston) finally invest in purchasing a rental, sudden unemployment forces these phones give up their new dream and go to Atlanta to be with George’s brother. Stopping at the wayside bed and breakfast, the pair discovers Elysium, a free-spirited commune where peace, love and happiness abound – along with a host of bizarre nudists and hippies, led from the brusque but eloquent Seth (Justin Theroux). Seduced by their carefree lifestyle, Linda elects to keep, but George is not as easily dazzled and very quickly becomes vexed from the group’s unorthodox and outlandish customs.

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Although it’s primarily a comedy, The Dilemma delves in to the dark infidelities of faulty relationships, which uncovers some serious predicaments. The cheeriest of comic relief interludes can’t overcome the solemnity of disloyalty as well as destructive nature. But comedians Kevin James and Vince Vaughn certainly try, bringing their trademark playful, flirtatious, speedy, back-and-forth dialogue on the table. Allan Loeb writes the film, though Vaughn producing, it’s likely the scripting was heavily influenced. The sickly-sweet “getting to find out the characters” intro is the only segment that doesn’t scream of Vaughn’s verbal work, using the moral impasse and its resolution coming across director Ron Howard’s material. It’s a return to comedy from a decade of dramatic projects to the filmmaker, although not devoid of tragicomic substance.

Cortes has this movie firing on a lot of cylinders during the entire film as well. Tackling such issues as war, terrorism, military, government and human nature, Cortes will accomplish so much with so little. Taking the old adage “less is more” to a whole new level, Buried shows what a skillful filmmaker Cortes could be. He produces a nail-biter thriller that will most assuredly give you around the edge of your seat, clawing with the cushions as you become so enthralled by this thriller.

Besides the performances, the film also projects the complexity of self-empowerment for women. The all female band was legendary for rocking out with the degree of men, and the screen is stuffed with scenes that ooze girl power. Clashing with those scenes could be the band’s interaction with Kim Fowley, who’s an aggressively dominant male figure.